Call from Amazon?

Has anyone else received a call from the Amazon App Store? I don't answer my phone unless it's a number I recognize, but I got a voicemail saying they were trying to contact me about a confidential initiative. I'm wondering what it's about before I call back, since I couldn't understand her accent very well.


  • Never mind. There is an NDA involved, so if you got the call you can't talk about it anyway.
  • I talked to them about a month ago as well.
  • What is the call about?
  • I didn't read the NDA, so I'm not sure what can I share in public, but it was nothing that important, trust me. :)
  • Oh OK, thanks! Actually I didnt even know what NDA is until I googled right now :)
    Sorry to even ask, there is a reason they call it non disclosure -.-
  • Yeah, after I found out I had to sign an NDA I was wishing I could delete or at least edit this thread.
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