Android TV Support?

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I figured I'd ask before I started exploring on my own.

Are the apps Andromo pumps out compatible/recognized by Android TV?  If not, how hard would this be to implement?


  • I'm actually not sure exactly what's involved in order to be truly compatible.

    If nothing else I'd like to add cast support for our audio activities, but that sort of thing will need to wait until after our material redesign. (Which keeps getting delayed by other things, like handling interstitial ads better.)
  • I obviously don't know anything about the source code behind the Andromo activities, but having tested Andromo apps on Android TV as well as actually creating my own Android TV app with Java, I would think that it would probably not be a trivial thing.

    And it would probably not be worth it, unless Android TV becomes a lot more popular. There just isn't a user base there (yet). I recently created versions of a TV app for Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku. The Roku version has over 1,200 users, the Fire TV version has a little over 200, and the Android TV version has fewer than 20 users.
  • For those interested, I wrote a tool to take an APK and convert to Android TV "ready".

    It won't let you make distributable apps (apps are unsigned, etc), but it gives you a chance to see what your app might look like on your spankin' new Shield Android TV :)
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