Andromo Should Add Some More ...

edited June 2015 in General Discussion
Well its good to hear that andromo is being viral for the Android Apps Development in a web interface.

Since all the activities/functions which is listed are very strong and useful too ! But apart that some more activities/functions should be added .

Here are some which i suggest to be added :

*New dashboard styles
*A instant chat to developer for feedback
*A chat activity for business or office discussions
*Freedom to choose share text
*Activity which allows pictures to be converted into ripple effect live wallpaper
*PowerPoint Activity to show presentations
*Add a splash screen activity
*Add a sidebar for listing activities
*Widget for a particular activity
*Calender activity
*QR Code Scanner activity

These were some of my suggestions to make andromo more popular than other web interface android development companies. :)>- :)
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