demo jQuery Mobile HTML Archive crashes phone

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Dear Andromo Users -- 

Does anyone have a ZIP they can email to me to share that contains a valid HTML archive which uses either PhoneGap and/or jQuery Mobile and/or jQuery?

I have a demo of each, and I bundle them as a ZIP, with an iindex.html inside at the root, but they break when I try to run them.

I have detailed the matter in the support thread here...

...but still no joy.

Do you have any suggestions?

I am pretty good at jQuery Mobile and all, and I have built apps with them before, but I also am really new to Andromo, and I love Andromo so far, and I want to use Andromo as my packaging vehicle and ad-management-vehicle, etc, but I just want to get a simple jQuery Mobile archive in my apps, etc. I am using Android 4.3 on an Alcatel OneTouch.

Any help is appreciated-- please send suggestions, comments, guesses, hints, ideas, etc.


-- Mark
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