Interstitial must be preload in advance

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Admob are still telling us that our apps (version 4.4.0) not respecting the rules of Interstitial. The consequence is ending showing ads on these apps.
I mentioned this problem before. The Interstitial must be preload in advance, not between activities.
In other words, the interstitial loads on the main activity invisibly. And when the user clicks on a button, the interstitial shows, and after that the activity starts.


  • The change to interstitials was implemented a couple versions ago, and that's exactly how it works. Ads are preloaded (invisibly) when opening an activity and only shown before navigating to the next activity. So when the user closes the ad, the next activity starts. The result is no overlapping of app content:

    You'll want to make sure that you rebuilt your apps using 4.3.0 or later, and notify them that you've resolved the issue.
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