Recived email from Playstore - New Partner Manager for My account.

Have anyone receive this kind of email from Playstore . Email looks authentic. 

Hi Google Play Partner,
My name is Mary $$$$$Curdy, a Business Development Manager on Google Play, and I want to thank for your investment in the Play ecosystem. We noticed you are doing some cool things with your app and wanted to connect with you.

Grow with us. We’d really like to learn more about your immediate goals or near term priorities so we can best partner with you. Please take a moment to complete your developer profile so we can get started!

In the meantime, look out for proactive tips to optimize your app, invitations to events like hangouts and workshops as well as access to online resources.

Best Regards, 
Mary $$$$Curdy

Screenshot of email is 

Litlle Bit confused whether its for my acccount only or Generic for every account.
Searched in Google Found no result.



  • This message is generally for developers who have achieved some kind of success. At least it was in a similar form. It's legit, you should reply.
  • Thanks Hendrixs. Just replied to their email and completed the form.  
    any idea what's the advantage.
    Would I get any extra support other than generic Email support (No support at all) 

  • Yes, you get a personal account manager and she/he will be able to help you with many various issues (AdMob / GP account issues) and questions. You also get a phone number you can call when urgent. :)
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