How can I make money


before I build my app I would like to know how can I make money from
my app since I haven't upgraded my account? i fail everytime I try to
monetise my app because I have not upgraded my account, I want to
start earning money on my free app before I can even upgrade my
account. 1st of all it's a safety precaution and 2ndly it's because I
ain't financial stable yet to be able to pay the money yet. I'm nearly
done with the app but can I get paid and how because I haven't seen
any method of payment for me from my app.


  • You must have a paid subscription in order to monetize your app. You can monetize an app by either removing the trial ads and charging money for your app in an android marketplace such as Google Play, or by configuring your app to show ads from a compatible ad network account that you've signed up for.

    The free trial account is meant as a way for you to test the activities and determine whether you can build the kind of app you want using Andromo.

  • yeah, you are right. I am from incentmobi, an ad network to monetize apps.
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