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Unpublishing an app on Google Play

edited August 2015 in General Discussion
I'm wanting to clean up my apps on the Google Play store by unpublishing a few that are in a gray area. The problem is, on some of them I haven't submitted the content rating questionnaires and I can't unpublish without completing those. Does anybody have any suggestions of what I can do to get these unpublished? I'm concerned about doing the content rating, unpublishing them and then Google suspending them while they review for content rating.


  • Even the Unpublish action itself will send the app on pending review.
    You cannot avoid answering the questionnaire. I had same problem and in the end ended up getting my third strike and ban.
  • Yeah, the questionnaire triggers a review, so there's no good way to unpublish a grayish app. :-/ It sucks.
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