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Hi guys (and girls),

The forum does not seem very active. I think part of it is the summer vacations, but also the lack of new features in Andromo.

I have a couple of thoughts on things that could be done, little improvements.

As everybody knows, a GP app suspension soon after will lead to ad unit suspension in admob. This is why we all need a secondary network for banners and a secondary network for interstitials. If Admob ad gets suspended, we gotta have something to show (since we will not be able to update the app in Google Play)!
However, CPI ad networks are not great choice for this because they pay for install, and it is not sure we will get installs if the app is not in Google Play. A device with no GP app will not give any revenue to us from an ad network like startapp or mobilecore.

My suggestion: Let us include ads IDs from many networks, but with a percentage slider to decide which will be primary and which secondary. For example, I would choose Admob, AirPush, Startapp for banners with respective percentage of 60%-25%-15%. This would keep me covered at all times, by mixing a CPI network along with the CPM ones.

I know that we can already mix many networks, but we do need the option to decide which gets more impressions! Plus, in the event of an admob removal, Startapp and airpush will get the complete 100% but will not share it randomly - they will still have to follow the percentage rules, that Airpush gets more impressions than Startapp.

I do not know if you agree with me or if it is even possible to make. But I feel like we need some changes on the way ad networks are implemented.

EDIT: Maybe it is time for a good mediation platform (not Admob!)


  • No-one got some feedback on this suggestion?
  • Personally, I would not need that option, because there is no need for having more than 1 or 2 ad networks in any app.
  • @hendrixs
    There is... what if Admob suspends ads to your app because GP banned it or something. Your users would see no ads and still use the app until they all uninstall it.

    Think of it another way. What happens if, StartApp for example decides they are closing business. Until you update all your apps with startapp with another network, you are receiving zero income.

    I am not talking about apps with many different ad networks. This is huge risk of GP ban because the risk factors increase. But more than 1 ad network is essential!
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    I use only AdMob on GP and if it would stop working, I would simply update all my apps with another ad network. I like to work with one ad network, because - especially with AdMob - if you produce good results, you get a dedicated account manager who can help a lot in case of trouble. If you're too fragmented, you can't grow big with any of them.

    Also, if you use two ad networks, and if one stops working, the other gets the full 100% impressions. To me, that's acceptable and I can always update my apps quickly. Even in the case of AdMob/GP ban, the second network will still continue to work and bring revenue until users would not fade out.

    Nothing personal, I'm just expressing my view.
  • @hendrixs

    OK, seems you have a different strategy then.
    What about a mediation platform addition. Would you second that?
  • I've started a thread about it a while ago and put a link to a case study on AdMob. I'm not sure if it's universal, but those guys experienced +40% and +150% increase in revenues. I wish I knew someone who wold be using AdMob's mediation to get a confirmation if it's really that beneficial. Would be interesting to try, tho.
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    Good to see that this discussion is getting some traction. I personally think Mediation support would be more beneficial than simply having multiple networks. I use Mediation on Non andromo apps(mostly iOS) and can vouch that revenues and CPMs are usually better than non-mediation apps. With mediation and Optimize admob checked, admob is always competing with other networks and delivering ads that has the best probability of beating those. It also lets me change network priority without having to rebuild/submit a new version of the app. 

    That being said, I imagine it would probably take a significant amount of work on Andromo's side to implement this. 
  • All I know is that currently andromo follows a rather old-fashioned monetization technique. Simply throw in ad networks, give impressions at 50-50 (it is sophisticated, because it can change supplier if there is no ad available, but still it is not ideal).

    Mediation will provide the network priority changes from the mediator dashboard, without update.This is SERIOUS in these times when ad networks have their lows and highs.
  • @koirbiku: Thanks for the insight! I too have a few custom made apps, but me and my partner will add meditation, once those apps get some traction. Right now we're in the process of getting more users. :)
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