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Hey am just wondering if i can just grab any website and convert into an activity in my App. Must the website be mine?? Thanks!


  • You can put a link to any website you want. However, if it's not yours, don't put any ads on that WebView activity. It's a 100% guarantee for a ban. And nobody wants that. :)
  • OMG!! Thanks hendrixs!! I was about to do that but i just keep thinking if that would be right. Thanks for the quick answer. Again, can i copy paste contents from a website into a custom page activity? I mean with some edits.
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    Not a problem. :)

    The best thing you can do is copy the text you want to use in a word editor and then send that file to a rewrite. On the low end, people can rewrite your texts for about 10 USD per 1000 words. For higher quality, 20 USD is the norm. This way your content is 100% original and you have nothing to worry.
  • Thanks Once Again! I'll just take some time to do that myself. Am really grateful.
  • I'm happy to hear the info was useful to you.
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