Affiliate Links inside Apps??

edited October 2015 in General Discussion
Before i proceed, I want to say Hi & Thanks to our  beloved Andromo Chums!! Yes!!! you guys are life changers!!!
Here's my Idea about In-App Affiliation.

1. Login to Andromo and build a nice App rich in great contents!!
2. Create a new blogger page.
3. Don't put anything there, just go to the html section and convert this page to a redirect page to your affiliate offer..(Search google for info)
4. Now grab your blogger url (e.g and include it in your App.

Do you guys think this's a legit way to market affiliate links inside our Apps?? If no, please share how you do it because this's what i can just think of at the moment!! Those Gurus please share your experiences, I'm a newbie and I don't know how but definitely somebody here at Andromo is doing it so please share with us. Any help would be appreciated!! 

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