Banner ads startapp or airpush?

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Startapp is performing really bad lately , does any have any experience with airpush? i am thinking of switching over, amzon banner has a very low rate fill rates


  • I am using airpush and for a banner, it is decent (0.20-0.50 ecpm). However, some antivirus reports them as virus and I got a couple of comments of viruses.
  • thanks anteos thats a good ecpm, i think i will give them a try startapp dropped too 0.2 for me for a few months. on a plus note mobilecore is outperforming everyone on epcm even admob, surprising
  • Opps I forgot to add something. I do not know if you got  a big userbase, but bear in mind that airpush charges 7.5 USD for every payment. For someone like me with still small userbase and using many ad networks, this fee is not small. Especially since we are limited to airpush banners!
  • thanks for the heads up
  • airpush  did not perform well for me at all, reverted back to startapp
  • Did you give them enough time? Like for example assign them enough impressions to check the performance?
  • i gave them a week is that enough?
  • Depends of the impressions that occured.
    They say you need upwards of 20k imps to judge a network.
    But I do know that it is hard to stick with them if you see low revenues.
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