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I am finding that admob interstitial ads are not showing how the should, there is a delay sometimes it takes several actions to show. This has happened since pre-loading.Startapp and mobilecore seem to work always on first action, does anyone else have the same problem?


  • The admob interstitial will only display if it was able to preload. The amount of time it takes to preload an ad can vary quite a bit between ad networks.

  • ohh ok thanks, we could easily increase our revenue if we could display a interstitial ad when exiting a app and i think it would easy to implement. Your thoughts?
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    I don't believe that is in compliance with Google's terms of use.
  • @naqshbandi: Exit interstitials (at least from AdMob) are not allowed. Some other ad networks do allow them, but if Google decides to globally disallow exit interstitials, then the developers who use them, are screwed. This has happened many times before.
  • Thanks guys, its just since pre-loading my revenue is down by 40% user base has increased slightly, something is not working right? anyone else experience drop in income from admob?
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    @naqshbandi: Sorry to hear that. For me, pre-loading ads actually improved the revenue. I had record earnings after I updated all the apps. The groovy train was choo-chooing on full power until the end of August. Then, I experienced a gradual decrease in earnings until the middle of October (43% drop from year-to-date high to YTD low). On November, earnings started to pick up again and I'm going strong again (10% down from my YTD high).

    My eCPM was normal all the time, tho. But for whatever reason, my earning are cycling quite a bit. I'm experiencing 4 months of steady growth and then 2-4 months of decline. It's like a stock chart, basically, and I'm beginning to think that I should do a technical analysis on it, because it's almost like my earnings graph is obeying the laws of support, resistance, and trend lines. :)
  • i experienced the dip around the same time, i noticed on the apps the interstitial adds are taking way to long to load. I may try out amazon interstitial on the plus side mobilecore and startapp banner adds are working well
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