New app maker need advice on DMCA and what not.

So made a app called "Fallout 4 HD wallpaper" got insta banned from google play. Is there a way to avoid the copyright junk? Like different wording for the title, or do I also have to change the wallpapers too? lso, what's a good strat for making income from this stuff. Mass produce and hope for the best or what?


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    Do not risk your starting apps business by hunting the easy money. Don't make the mistake most people here made when they started!
    Try to use images that are free to use, make descriptions without IP infringements as much as you can, do not use titles of games or celebrities or anything which you do not own the right to use.
    Do not mass produce until you find out how the whole thing works with the ad networks and the markets and all!
    Go for slow and safe. This is my advice, for what it's worth.
  • Anteos is spot on. @dimaggio1103, there is a lot of money to be made with apps, but you need to be smart. Start by reading Google Play's guidelines and all the rules. It may take a few hours, but I'm sure you can invest a couple of hours in understanding the basic rules for your future business. Good luck!
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