Flashlight app?

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Can I make flashlight app with andromo?

Thank you


  • I think you can't access native features from Andromo. For something like that (HTML5 + access to native features) you need a tool like PhoneGap or Ionic. But, you need to know programming to use that.
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    We've considered adding some hooks into native calls at some point in the future, but I can't say it's very high on our priority list as it would probably only be of use to a very small number of users.

    If we ever do add such a feature, I doubt flashlight support would be very high on the list, though. There are already a billion flashlight apps out there, and I'm not sure the world needs any more of them; and IMO they're all obsolete now that there's a quick flashlight toggle built right into the stock OS. But we're always willing to listen if you think you can convince us otherwise. :)
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