payment for Andromo app maker?

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I have been subscribed for a couple of years now but this year I was informed the Rose company could not recieve my payment so I had to sign up for a new Black Friday subscription. It was all confirmed and I have now received a message saying my subscription has not been paid and I need to sign up for a new monthly subscription

I dont sell apps and only have a subscription to play around with app making as a hobby. so Im not going to panic into buying a monthly subscription.I want Admondo to sort this out. If they dont want my money then they are suceeding as this is becoming too much effort in tryiny to pay a yearly £50

Is there anyway I can make contact with someone at Admondo to resolve this without getting generic phreaes being posted back to me.. ie a real person


  • Hi,

    You'll want to contact Andromo's technical support directly. In order to do so, log into your Andromo account and then select Help > Technical Support from the menu at the top. Once you're on the support site, click "Start a discussion" and explain the problem you're having.

  • will do thanks



  • This company is a scam. There is no option to unsubscribe from the monthly plan!

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