More than one Admob accounts, same PC?

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Hi guys, Happy new Year!

I have been thinking to create a new admob account for my wife. The reason is I want a separate admob to monetize ONLY apps that never go in Google Play. They are not really apps risky and dangerous for bans, more like apps that i am not 100% sure that i have all IP rights. As you understand, I need better ad network for third party stores, but do not want to risk my current admob.

Two questions:

1. Is it safe to monetize with admob apps that never going to be published in Google Play?

2. Is it safe to create and access two admobs from one PC and or network or should I take typical IP/PC precautions with it as well? As far as I know, it should be Ok because I have already accessed my own and my brother's admob from same PC and IP, but none of them was ever banned so I do want to find out if we could get a chain-ban if Google links the accounts. FYI, new account will be in different name, different bank account but obviously same address.



  • Hi i am already doing this not had a issue, but i have not banned so could not stipulate the outcome, also you allowed more than one gp account on the same name
  • Thanks!
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