Google Play Suspensions - Directory Type Apps

Hi everyone,

I have been making a lot of apps that are directory based or apps that promotes other apps by putting their googleplay link on my app.


- i put a lot of driving games 
the app is currently live..


Does google really allow this type of apps and will not suspend me? also i have apps that links to other websites using the website activity. anyone here who has apps made similar to mine? and if so how was your experience with googleplay on this matter? appreciate the inputs


  • I never tried such apps but especially the second is tricky - if any of the websites has adsense  and you are using admob in the app it's a problem for your admob. Moreover, if the content is not yours, technically you should not be linking to it without permission. Weird, but true...
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    thanks bro.. well this is the easiest way u can build apps thru andromo in like less than 3hours.. so far ive been earning from them without any problem.. this discussion is only for future reference.. 

    can i add u on facebook? i want to atleast communicate with someone on the same page as me on this app venture..

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    Sorry, I do not use FB :) I only got a page for FAN (facebook audience network) and nothing more.

    However, I am always available here
  • @megajmarketing: I guess if they approve your apps after the initial screening you're good to go. However, if you would add some text content (extra info, tips, reviews,...) of your own, I'm sure it would be 100% safe.
  • @anteos alright :)

    @hendrixs yes they approve it but i always wonder why most people get banned after few months and suspended apps after few months.. have you tried anything like this with your apps?

    Also can u give me ideas on what type of apps you are doing?

    Right now i am earning $2-4 per day on 1 app alone.. I dont mind sharing it here if you share yours, the app industry is so big so i guess its a good idea to share?
  • @megajmarketing: I do all kinds of apps - some are done by using Andromo's activities alone and some are done using HTML5/CSS/PHP.

    $2-4 per day is quite good for starters! I have a custom coded app that cost a few hundred USD to make and it doesn't earn as much. :)

    I have several accounts, some are joint venture, so please understand, that I can't really share my portfolio here.

  • @hendrix no problem bro.. :)

    Yep still on my 28th day.. earn $46 so far with my app.. done with HTML custom page.. took me 10hours to complete but did a lot of ASO up until now.. anyway i think this case is close :) i will be more active in this forum.. appreciate the time guys
  • integrated my admob already.. is it a good idea to put other ad networks too?
  • If  your admob ever disables your ad units, the current users will be using your app with no ads at all.
    This is the main reason I drop some Mobilecore interstitial in the mix. However, opinions differ - the more ad networks you use in an app, the longer it takes to get paid from each of them and the larger the app size.
    Plus, mC is currently doing all year low so maybe go with admob for the first month or something and wait for mC feedback or good news regarding Facebook Audience Network addition :)
  • thanks anteos.. admob working fine and i have no complaints about it.. just need to build my army :)
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