Admob - Adsense question

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Hello, I have a question and if anyone could help me, that would be great.

I am developing a new app, in this app I am going to use a website activity, while checking it I notice that the webpage shows a video ad that says Ads by google, then after few seconds i can skip the ad.

My question is, is that an adsense ad? and if it is,is it safe to use in my app a website activity that shows that kind of ad while monetizing it with admob? should I change ad network? or it is against google play policy to show that?



  • Most probably it is an adsense ad. Do not use admob, but you can use other ad networks.
    Thing is, you are still in risk if you link to webpage without owner's permission.
    Maybe leave such for 3rd party stores only?
  • The Website activity has a Banner Ads setting that allows you to not show banners on that activity, or only show banners from other ad networks. Basically you don't want to show AdMob banners there since it's showing ads.
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