Custom Page + HTML Archive For Files Extraction ( Idea )

Hi everyone,

Anyone here has any idea on how to get images from html archive?

This is what i want to do

1. Make a custom page with a background image
2. The background image has to be on the HTML archive so when the app loads, the image will also come up

Fact : in online mode we can only get the background working since the images are on the servers. however in offline mode its not possible so i want to add an HTML archive just to be its image holder included in the installation of the app.

The HTML zip is named and the image is named background.png

Here is my code

<style type="text/css">body{ background-image: url(pages/background.png); background-size:cover }

anyone can help? thanks


  • Hi @megajmarketing, this is what I use and it works:

    body {

    Hope this helps.
  • hi @hendrixs,

    are you uploading the html file along with the images? if so, what do you name your folder..

    what i try to do is just hide the html activity from the dashboard, and just use it to carry the images coz i want my app to be view offline.

    appreciate the help..

    still need more :D
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    Yes, the structure is like this:

    - Main Folder
    ---- Images Folder
    ------- Image1.jpg
    ------- Image2.jpg
    ---- CSS Folder
    -- index.html

    All files and folders are without spaces eg. "images_folder"

    I had an app like you ant to have - the main screen wasn't Andromo's dashboard, but my own, made in HTML5/CSS. There is another user here, who wasn't active for very long now, but he had very beautiful HTML5/CSS coded apps.

    EDIT: You need to ZIP your main folder and the index.html needs to be in the root. Andromo has a great guide explaining this.
  • hi @hendrixs,

    can u give me the code of whats inside your css given? i think i can understand a bit when i see it.. i just want to change background and put images in it..

     im confident about HTML archive and zipping it but im not so sure about CSS.. also i think i am closer to what i want to achive with this discussion thanks a lot to you
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    here are the code @hendrixs , i know its messed up.. already tried :(
  • Hey @megajmarketing,

    download this ZIP file ( and put it in Andromo. It will work, 100%. Also, you can check out the code after you unzip the files on your computer.  It's very basic - the index file, image and the CSS.
  • hi @hendrixs,

    thanks a lot bro..

  • No problemo. :)
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