How many activities can you add to an app

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How many activities can you add to a single app? Lets say you want to add a different website activity for every country in the world. It's like 250 or so. Is there a limit for something like this?


  • I would like to know the answer for that question too. I am creating a Bible and for every chapter I am creating a custom page activity. I have created more than 300 activities until now, but I am little worried that maybe I will achieve a limit and suddenly andromo won´t let me add more activities 
  • Andromo itself doesn't contain a limit on the number of activities, however the Android SDK does have limits based on the framework that is being used to build. The limit is based upon the number of methods referenced in the app which applies to every piece of source code that's included, such as activities, ad networks, features requiring other libraries etc. Every activity type is different and the resulting number of methods referenced will vary quite a bit. As a result, it's not something that can be really estimated. If what you've added to the app reaches that limit, the build will fail, and the only solution would be to remove some activities.

    If your app has a requirement for a large number of activities that you can't complete without reaching that number, then I'd suggest not attempting it. Otherwise, it's just something you'll have to try.
  • @franklinlizano

    i think its wiser to use html archive for the bible app.. will also be lesser in size..
  • I finally finish my Bible app, It has hundred of custom activities and a few of html activities. But it works great for me. This Bible is already published in Play store,

    I am really happy working with Andromo, because I can do large apps like this. =) 
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