Youtube Playlist ID problems

I have created everything correctly, inputted the correct Playlist ID as was instructed by the tutorial page, had the code after PL as was advised.

Then when I built the app, installed on my android phone, the app opens but no videos at all, a message saying "NO DATA CONNECTION AVAILABLE"

I have my 4G enabled and works fine, tried Wireless, but still the same connection problems appears, I really need this to work.

And the playlist ID has many videos so it is not empty.

Any help


  • Hi, 

    this is also true for my app. Everything was working great but then I always get this No Data Connection available message while the device has definetly Internet access.

    ??? Any ideas why is this happening?

  • What version of Andromo was your app built with (shown on the About dialog)? There was an issue fixed in the last release of Andromo pertaining to the YouTube activity released on February 24th that exhibited the error you described. We believe there may have been a change in an Android update that may have caused the change in behavior:

    If you haven't already, you should build your app again using the current version of Andromo (v4.5.2) to see if it solves the issue you're having.

    That being said, the error would still be shown if you don't in fact have an internet connection, so you may also want to reboot your device and make sure you're connected before trying again.
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