Where to store video files for user access from app

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  My Andromo apps link to small videos that I have stored on my 1and1 server that hosts my website.  But if it gets real busy with lots of users accessing them, will it affect them being played?  I was looking into a cloud server instead...does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions as to where I should reside the video files?  Or is being on my host's server just fine.

Thank you in advance!



  • It really depends how many requests you'll get. I know that HostGator (for example) doesn't limit you unless you use around 500 GB of bandwidth per month for a few months. It's best to ask this question your hosting provider.
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    Oh, btw, if your hosting plan won't be enough, you can always use https://www.mediafire.com/. They can stream audio/video, you can store files with them, and users can download files as well.

    "Share your media as media. Your photos, videos, songs, and documents are more than just files. On MediaFire you can share, view, and listen to over 200 different file formats - all right in your web browser or mobile device."
  • Thank you! You have been very helpful!
  • Happy I could help. :)
  • HI 

    im new to this website

    i wanna create a app for my inspection report

    it usually include some photos with comments.(i.e i need to take photos and and write comments and some summery )

    is it possible ?


  • i want to use the app to take photos and write comments finally need to take out a report

  • You need to check out all features Andromo supports and check if you can make it with one of them. We cannot fully understand how you want it done.
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