Barnes & Noble is discontinuing NOOK appstore on March 15

I just got this email. Nook apps used to be the biggest part of my business, but it's slowed down the last couple of years since they opened up the newer Nooks to Google Play. Either they saw this coming but wanted to keep selling devices, or they shot themselves in the foot.

We are writing to announce an upcoming change to NOOKapps & the NOOKdeveloper program and to explain what it means for you. 

Effective March 15, 2016, NOOK will no longer offer third party applications (Apps) for sale from the NOOK Store™. In addition, we will not support IAP transactions after this date.  

This will require no action on your part. We will mark all applications not for sale; you do not need to make any changes in the NOOKdeveloper portal.  We will complete a normal payment cycle so all accounts should be finalized by the end of April.  We will maintain the NOOKdeveloper portal through to the end of May so you will be able to login and check sales & downloads. We will then terminate our distribution agreement.

From the customer perspective, all of their existing Apps previously purchased from the NOOK Store will remain in their NOOK Library and will continue to be accessible on compatible NOOK devices.  Simply, customers will continue to have access to any previously purchased Apps but they will not be able to make any further purchases from us.

Many customers will continue to be able to discover, purchase, and use third party applications from the wide selection available at the Google Play store on compatible NOOK devices (not available for NOOK Color or NOOK Tablet). We hope you can continue to serve these customers via Google Play. 

Again, no action is necessary on your part, but should you have questions, please visit our FAQ here or contact us.

Of course, we will continue offering our full service for books, magazines, and newspapers on both NOOK devices and our standalone Reading Apps.


The NOOK Team


  • @tholyoak: Thanks for the update. I never had the chance to test them, tho.
  • @tholyoak
    Thank you for the update too.
    I consider myself an "alternative store freak". Have tried more than 35 different stores and still keep uploading apps to at least 15. However, never managed to upload in the Nook store, thought you can only sell apps there, not only give for free with ads.
  • @anteos: How's the alternative route working out for you? From all the alternative app stores, I'm only on Amazon and Samsung. Amazon is great for paid apps, but I have very little luck with free ones. Samsung is OKish. I could survive from them alone.
  • @hendrixs It's going OK mainly because GP is going bad.
    Samsung alone gets me 3 times the downloads of GP. Even with the very common refusals of apps for unimportant reasons.
    However, I have stopped on some stores that did not make sense uploading anymore. Stores like 1mobile, nexva, appslib, t-store...not worth it anymore.
  • @anteos: Cool, that's great to hear, that Samsung is performing so well for you. I too find it important to publish my apps there.
  • It's correct that you couldn't have apps with ads in the Nook store. So I only offered ad-free apps and charged for them. At one time, it was the most profitable store for me, but that time has long since passed.

    So maybe I was the only one selling apps on the Nook? :)
  • @tholyoak
    I guess so :)
    It's bad they are discontinuing it but I guess as you said the good were way far in the past.
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