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Hii Guys..good day, Please i signed up for Admob five month ago, and i'm currently studying in another country my question is Can i change my address in Admob? Can i change my country address from my initial country to another country? If yes how can i do so. Thank you guys


  • @shafson: It's under the Payment settings. You can change the address with no problems, I've changed it twice so far.
  • @hendrixs: Thank you so much, i checked it again but i didn't see a place to change my country !
  • @shafson: If you won't be able to change your address, then just add a new one, and make it your default. It should work. :)
  • @hendrixs Okay.Thank you so much :). I guess i should just let it be like that i will select payment method to be by Wire transfer. Because someone here told me if i change my country i have re confirm my new address and there is probability that i can loose my App users and so on. so its quite unclear to me! but i guess i will just leave it like that to be in my old address/country, i really wish to change it but i got no choice:).   
             And Please @hendrixs i i want to sign up new account for Andromo and Admob and goggle play store is there any problem if i use the same laptop that i used to? and the same mobile phone for screen shot?. I was'nt terminated i stopped building Apps because i got 2 suspensions! thats why i want to sign up new accounts!
       Once again Thanks @hendrixs:)
  • Adding a new bank account for wire transfer if fine. I've done it 3 times and it always worked OK. I can't see a reason why would adding a new address / bank account have an effect on your account standing.

    You can use your current Andromo subscription, but to be extra safe, change the package names of your apps  (only available in the PRO version) and your developer name.

    To get a new GP account safely, you should install VirtualBox and Linux (or Windows, if you have it), get a VPN and then create a new GP account with a new credit card. I'm not sure about using the same phone for screenshots. I use the same phone, but maybe it would be best a different phone.

    Here you can read more about getting a new / second account safely: and

    Hope this helps.
  • @hendrixs Thank you once again, really appreciated. And Thanks for the sharing.
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