Admob violation message

Hi guys 
I received this message, but I don't understand what is wrong on my app. Any help would be appreciated!.


As a courtesy, we are alerting you that your app is currently in violation of the AdMob program policies. Importantly, this will require action on your part to ensure no disruption in ad serving. Please read below for more information on the actions you need to take:

Publisher Id: 

App Id: 

Current ad serving status: Active

Violation explanation

As stated in our program policies, publishers are not allowed to alter the AdMob SDK in any way other than what is outlined in the documentation.

Action required: Please make changes immediately to your app to comply with AdMob program policies.



  • Hi,

    Is that all of the information in the email you received? Are there any links in that email containing further information?

    I've personally never seen that type of message before, and based on how AdMob ads are integrated in Andromo, the notification really doesn't make sense since they're implemented using their SDK instructions.

    What version of Andromo was your app built with? (you can find that information on the About dialog inside the app).

    If there's no other information in the email or in your AdMob account, I'd suggest trying to contact AdMob to try to get clarification as to why they're saying that.

  • I'd also be careful following any links in that email, as it could be a sophisticated phishing attempt. (Check destination addresses carefully.) I'd suggest that you contact AdMob by browsing directly to them or using links that you know are legitimate.
  • I kind of assumed that you intentionally removed any values listed in the Publisher ID and App ID intentionally, however if they were blank, that would certainly be suspect. Lorne brings up a good point that didn't occur to me before he said that. You'll definitely want to check who the sender is and any source URLs before navigating to them.
  • @darryl, @lorne Thanks for your help. Email is from Admob and this is all information I received. Maybe I will try to contact Admob
  • check your app id, you may have mixed them up or duplicated
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