Using Facebook Audience Network after being banned?

I am just now trying to get back into the game after getting banned a few months ago. I am using outlook for everything and a different browser to build everything with andromo. Then I got a burner laptop that I will use to upload things to Google play, plus use Admob with. I plan on using FAN in case of another ban. But will using my personal Facebook page be a tip to Google, or is it safe. I could use my wifes, but not sure if that is to close of a link to me. Maybe I am being paranoid. 

Lastly, am I doing enough, is it safe to use my original laptop with just a different browser that never goes near anything google. And then just use the crappy netbook I got to do everything google related. I will take the burner laptop to Starbucks so that it isn't connected to my home network as well. 

Thanks everyone.


  • As far as my experience and what I have read around says:

    1. Your PC COULD be OK, but you need the following:
    a. A different Windows account
    b. A portable firefox, or a firefox with fingerprinting protection addons
    c. Different IP (what if in that Starbucks there is another person with banned GP and you get linked again?). Starbucks is not OK. Better steal some neighbor's wifi if you are up for it. Or do all work at a friend's house.
    d. MAC address changer if you gotta use the same wireless device to connect to net. Many freewares doing it.
    e. For Andromo, you don't need a different PC. The resulted apk is created at a server not at your machine, they cant connect you this way.

    2. About FAN - I dont know if you are concerned about social networks and what they expose of your private data. Because I am. I hate fb, never had one. Anyway - I created one account yr ago to promote apps, but it had the name of the "apps company" not my own. I used that for FAN, but eventually was notified that I need real name else I might lose control of my FAN revenue. Eventually I was forced to change to my real name much to my dismay. Now all settings like discoverability etc are turned off. No friends at all in my fb, etc.
    Up to you which account you will use and how you will play for it. But I dont think this will affect Google Play.
  • Great! Thanks I already started a new outlook account, I am going to get a new cell phone and number added to my plan that I can use as a test device and also to tether to my burner laptop when needed. This will be a brand new device that has never logged into any of my old work. Should be safe. I also wont be installing chrome or any google services on the new laptop or test/mobile hotspot phone. That should solve the Mac address issue as well. 

    I think I will have my wife make a Facebook account and make it all private just like you said, that should be safe. 

    Thanks @Anteos!
  • @anteos When you say portable firefox, do you mean on the test device? Laptop? Both? Is this just to be safe so google doesn't link your accounts? Or am I missing something? Sorry, I have done lots of digging on the forums here, but just want to be 110% sure I don't miss anything. I was also going to set up a new bank account in my wifes name to receive Admob revenue in just to be on the safe side. 
  • IF you had to use the same PC that had once connected to another GP account you need to follow all points in my Number 1.

    If you use a new pc that has never had any connection with previous account, then no problems. Use any browser (avoid Chrome if you prefer).
  • Hello Anteos,
    Can you elaborate meaning of Different Window Account?

    Thank you
  • In your windows PC, create new User Account. They say it helps if you cant bring your hands on a completely new PC.
  • Guys. the dashboard for full audience network analytics  ( keeps giving me Unknown Error when I load the Details by Date and Estimate Revenue.

    I have reported it and the answer I got was that for some users this error happens regardless of browser and they need to replace the dashboard with a better one, but until then I can pull the details I want through API.

    The api documentation is here

    I really got problem managing to pull the revenue data by date for All Apps together. The sample codes are not helpful and they refer to "access token" without saying if its user access token or app token. I tried all I could find and I googled but cant find a working snippet of code.

    Does one of you make more sense over it? I think I just need the most basic metric of all, the full revenue per date.

    Can you help?
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