Cant Upload Pics To Facebook/browser?? PLZ READ MAJOR CLIENTS

Why can we not use the add picture buttons in facebook activity or any other page in the app browser???

I am currently working with some major celebrity artist and large companies developing apps, and one HUGE killer has been that in any website i link to, or using even the facebook activity and other functions, i cannot upload a file/image through the andromo app.

Is there some workaround for this, or is there any type of planned update for this?? Its becoming a deal killer for me, and i have multi platinum artist signed up with us to get some nice apps, which are turning out well except for that fact. I even started my own streaming radio station using all the artist we have aquired and run it through all of my related apps, with live chat systems in them where the artist can interact with the fans and all.

One thing we had planned was for people to be able to upload their pictures to our sites and in app, but so far the only thing i could come up with was an email activity for "Submit Your Content".

If you would like to look into some of what im doing, search for The JT Money Fanguide in google play and checkout

If there are any good developers out there who can bring something to the table let me know, we have some amazing clients and people we are working with and always looking to step things up a notch.

Really hoping to hear something good about this image problem though....
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