Shoutcast Streaming Problems - with Andromo

I am having a heck of a time with my shoutcast stream on my app.  I have 5 online radio stations that i built an app here and for me and my phone it was working great but there are so many variables of the stream.  my app is live at the google play store " DJ Crazy Jimmy " and because i'm new to this whole thing i need some help finding out who can access the stream fine and who can't can someone with more experience please help me.  I may buy the $100 a year access to the site if i can make my own stuff work properly.  Please someone contact me that may be able to give me some insight.

my website is there again i am also still having technical issues but i am working each one out as best i can, i'm only one person.  <--- this is an example of what i put in the andromo app builder but i have different variables of this., each one of my streams uses an different port and i can configure a port as i see fit.

are there more features if we buy the full version other than branding ?


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