require update mobilecore sdk

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Important News! As of August 1st,  the mobileCore network will no longer be serving ads. To use our upgraded SDK


  • Hello.
    I have informed the support about it and received the answer that they created ticket to decide how to proceed. The options of course are switch to Supersonic or complete removal of mC without adding supersonic.
    My question is, our apps with mobilecore will not show mobilecore ads after August 1.
    Could there be a reason of risk for the apps if they include an sdk that does not work anymore? Should we update and remove it?
    What do you think?
  • mobilecore were good for me last year, but not anymore thinking of leaving them all together, they probably sold there user base to
    . Consolidation taking place in the market iads closing down soon
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    Mobilecore has always been good with me. I will probably proceed to supersonic if added by Andromo but two things I dont like about them: they pay net45 and they have a semi-hidden term that if you dont reach minimum threshold payment after 6 months they might take your money away.

    But I think with supersonic we can mediate too through Admob, supersonic, FAN and other networks. That one is useful and I dont think it takes much to integrate in Andromo.
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