Android Studio Update?

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I do not know if this is related to how Andromo builds apps or if all developer accounts in Google receive this regardless of how they work. I received the following email:

Dear Android Studio Developer,

As an app developer on Google Play, we wanted to make you aware of an important security update for Android Studio.

On May 11th, we released the Android Studio 2.1.1 update.
This incremental update addresses a security vulnerability in the
underlying IntelliJ platform that affects all previous versions of
Android Studio. The vulnerability concerns the IDE itself and has no
effect on individual apps.

Please update to Android Studio 2.1.1 as soon as possible. More information about the vulnerability can be found in this G+ posting. JetBrains has also released more details on the vulnerability.


  • This was sent to all publishers, no worries.
  • Just worried it might be sent only to developers it affected :)
  • Just FYI, that doesn't actually affect Andromo at all. The Andromo build system uses the Android SDK directly.

    Studio is an IDE or "integrated development environment," which is a fancy way of saying a Java editor (with helpful tools) that you can build and launch java programs from. We don't actually edit Andromo in Studio because our Java code contains a lot of placeholders that are replaced at build time, and Studio doesn't like them.

    However we do use Studio on a daily basis (for example it's as an easy way to launch our Java build code with different test configurations), so yeah we're definitely abreast of such updates to the IDE. :)
  • Thanks for letting me know Lorne!
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