Ways to bring old users back into new apps

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Hi guys,

My major account in GP was banned a year ago and since then I have not recovered. But due to my severe usage of alternative stores, I still get good downloads of those old apps and I still update them from time to time.
I am thinking to try to use those older apps to bring traffic to my new, better-made, better monetized apps which are live in GP. How could I do it?

Maybe I could use the area for Launch Notice to create a message that the app is no longer supported and instead link them, if they want, to a live one in GP? Can we do it? What should the link format be for direct-to-GP delivery? And how to make it like if they do not want, they can still proceed?

Any other ideas on the matter? Maybe use the Website activity for something similar?


  • link your gp account in old apps
  • I'm not sure I follow you? The banned apps in one GP account you cannot bring them in a new one, it's a sure way to get the new one banned too.
  • What alternative stores have you found to work the best?
  • Samsung, amazon, getjar.

    Guys you dont have ideas over what I am thinking to do? Maybe link to a website with my new apps listed in there and link to GP? Would it be safer?
  • @anteos use the launch notice function in andromo with your message and link
  • Make the features limited on the third party store and tell them if they want the full features, download it from Google Play.
  • I decided towards a different approach from the Launch notice because that one is only shown once.
    I use custom page with message that the app is no longer supported and if they want hassle-free experience they should get another app from "another developer" and link them to similar app of my other GP account or, if there is no similar app, I link to the account itself hoping they see something they like there.

    I placed the Custom page Number 1 in sequence in the dashboard, with a strong exclamation mark so they definitely notice it.
  • To me it sounds like the best solution.
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