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Hi guys i need help
     Please i got 2 suspension on goggle play store and i already stopped publishing Apps for at least 2 month now, i decided not to publish any more Apps again in this GP account. So please can i sign up for new goggle play store account and continue publishing my Apps in this new GP account with my Andromo account ? or i should sign up for new Andromo account also. 
             And if its okay Please can i use my friend's credit card to pay for $25 to goggle play store? or i should use my own credit card?


  • If you use same credit card and same details as your previous account was your new account might be banned.
    You need new ID, Credit, name, phone, etc etc everything new.
    A professional account in andromo would be nice because you can change your package name.
    However, I have simple Andromo account and dont have any problems.
  • Okay Thank you @anteos. i will subscribe for new Andromo and use different Credit Card and others. Thanks
  • @anteos: How do you test your apps? Do you use the same phone? (I do).
  • @hendrixs

    Testing is on genymotion, got 4 devices there and try to use different device for each account.

    However the shots are always in the same tablet. even the banned account was there - I guess no probs there.
  • Thanks for the answer, @anteos. I do exactly the same. I use Genymotion for testing and one physical device for the screenshots. However, I never leave those apps on the device. I just do a quick install, take the screenshots, and uninstall the app immediately.
  • I do exactly same. And the apps lately do not have Google Analytics and no ads sdks either. I stopped using Analytics after my ban.
  • Okay Thank you Guys @hendrixs and anteos ..But please someone told me i can use my old Andromo account. no need to sign up for new Andromo account since my old subscription is still active!...i just need to sign up for new Goggle play store account with different informations. So please  any idea about this?.
     The thing is i sopped publishing my apps in my goggle play store account because i got 2 suspension. Im not terminated. i will never publish any apps in it so

         Please which is more safe between these

    1. Can i continue publishing using my old Andromo account and sign up for new GP store  with different informations and also testing my apps on different Phone and Laptop?
    2. Is better to sign up for new Andromo account and new goggle play store account with different information and also different phone and Laptop?

    Thanks guys
  • I'd go for #1. If you have a PRO Andromo account, you can change the package names of your apps.
  • Okay thank you so much ;hendrixs
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