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Hello Andromo,

yesterday Google just launched Firebase which will replace Google Analytics: https://www.firebase.com/

at Google I/O we launched Firebase: a new mobile platform that helps
you quickly develop high-quality apps, grow an engaged user base, and
earn more money.

At the heart of Firebase is Firebase Analytics, a free and unlimited
mobile app analytics solution for Android and iOS, and we’re excited
about the possibilities it brings to AdMob developers.

To help you benefit from Firebase Analytics, we’re making the
following changes to how you use Google Analytics for Mobile Apps
through AdMob.

  • We’re removing the Google Analytics reports from the Analyze tab in AdMob on June 20, 2016.
  • Your Google Analytics data is safe, and you can continue to access all of your reports directly from Google Analytics
  • There’s nothing you need to do; this change will happen automatically.

Getting Started Tips:

  1. Link your AdMob apps to Firebase.*
  2. Integrate the Firebase SDK into your apps by following the steps in the Google Developers Firebase integration guide (Android, iOS).

Question to Andromo: Do we plan any update on the build regarding this SDK integration?



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    I too came here for this. :) Here's how to link the apps to Firebase: https://support.google.com/admob/answer/6383165

    And like it seems, a Firebase SDK will be needed.

    Google Analytics will be removed from the AdMob and I also remember reading, that it will be removed from Google Play Developer Console.

    @darryl, @lorne, Google is pushing Firebase quite hard. Will you guys please have a look at this?
  • Please who is using firebase analytics on adromo app maker?

    let us know if its working please
  • Noone yet. An SDK is needed, as seen in the previous post.
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    We're aware of Firebase and intend to use it for analytics in (or some time after) the material update. I don't think it would be possible sooner because of related build requirements.
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