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i have received my first payment from Facebook, do they send you a statement/invoice or do i have to request it


  • They send an invoice which includes money you made from each particular app. i got it like 5 days ago. Thing is the payment has not shown yet in my bank, maybe due to weekend.
    Did you get paid by Paypal instead?
  • via the bank got paid on the 19th, i had a mistake on my email hence why i did not get a statement in the process of sorting it out, have you checked your payment details?
  • The payment eventually showed up in my bank around 12 hours ago. Takes longer than payments from Admob it seems but still all OK.

  • How does revenue from Facebook compare to Admob? I've tried several of the other choices as they've been introduced, but they all fail miserably (including Amazon) where Admob has always been very strong for me.
  • FAN is better by a 20% for me in terms of ecpm. The fillrate is always less than 50% so revenue is less than Admob in the end.
    But it is the best secondary network BY FAR! I suggest you give it a try ASAP, you will regret not using it early on.
    If only we could mediate between them too, that would be amazing.
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    Thanks for sharing your experience, @anteos. I have a custom app where I'll try AdMob + FAN by mediation. I'll let you guys know how it goes, however, it will be sometime after 20th.
  • Here how my FAN apps are doing:

    When I started using FAN, I used one app ID for many apps of lower quality. This is a strategy that should not be followed, because it drops the eCPM dramatically. The eCPM for that AppID is always less than 0.60 and the rest are around 2USD. Here you see all my apps with FAN in a total. These apps also got Admob and some of them also display Mobilecore.

  • @hendrixs
    Are you going to be using Admob mediation or Mopub (or something else?)
  • @anteos, that's some useful info, thanks for the share.

    The app I'm going to experiment with, has the majority of it's users from India and Brazil, so I guess I too should expect an eCPM of around 0.60 USD. I already have similar numbers in AdMob on those markets.

    Nevertheless, I'm definitely adding FAN, and I want to find a 3rd network as well (which supports mediation via AdMob). Recent case studies by AdMob show some very encouraging results (increased revenue from 20% to 300+%).
  • @hendrixs
    I am in the process of trying out Admob and FAN mediation too but to do it properly need to find a good way to add Admob first. Tutorials I followed fail and even though it is the first ad network anyone ever adds I need to spend quite much time to make it work.

    BTW are you in MMWA forums? Does your nickname there include a colour? Since PM isnt really "Private" here I might need to contact you for a couple of questions.
  • @anteos: Yeah, you can PM me.
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