Facebook ads failed to show on tablet photo and web activity

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Hi, i just faced a problem. Facebook ads successfully loaded on mobile photo and web activity but failed to load on tablet photo and web activity.
I am testing the app using google nexus 7. Am i the only one experience this? Please advice.


  • I responded to your support ticket noting that ads were successfully shown in your app on a Nexus 7, however for others...

    As a possible reason, Facebook's Audience Network only shows ads to users that are logged into the native Facebook app on their mobile device. As a result, fill rates can vary, so you may want to enable a second ad network that will be shown at times when no ad is available.
  • I tried mobile phone, everything is okay even without Facebook app installed in my phone. Only tablet needed to install Facebook app and logged in then the ads will shown in my app.

    If i enable a second ad network like Admob, will the Facebook ads still the priority to shown? Facebook ads has better ecpm in my country.
  • If you enable additional ad networks, the app will randomly choose between them when it's time to show an ad. If an ad fails for the chosen network, it will then fallback to one of the other enabled networks.
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