What is the role of New Business Associate from Google ?

Today  someone called me and informed he is from google India , and I thought it was   fake  and dropped the call. And After few minutes , I received an email which is from Google India (genuine) and want to work together in the areas of digital marketing and advertising. He is New Business Associate.

I don't understand what is the benefit of it , If anyone have idea or experience  about this, please share with me. We have already a playstore account manager for last 1 year. Contacted with her very few times. Helped me to recover  disabled admob adserving with in a day because of fake complain by another developer .  But other than that nothing special. 

 please inform me if you have idea. I don't want to work with Google person so much, they will bug me everyday, policy, rule, change everything as per their choice..... etc and may make me crazy.. Our old experience with admob specialist was not good at all. ( Even I am confused , whether he is from Google adwords team, or admob team or any other..)

Thanks in advance

@hendrixs please reply if you have idea.



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    Hey, @bappa86. I too had the privilege of Google assigning me an AdMob Manager, GP Partner Manager, GP Business Development Manager, and a manager from the Mobile Advertising Team.

    I've talked the most to the AdMob and Business Development managers. Mostly, I was the one, who initiated conversations and they were quick to respond and helpful. However, I did sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement), so I can't say a lot. Nevertheless, I do recommend that you take their offer and establish good relations with them.

    I hope this helps somewhat.
  • Thank you so much @hendrixs  will contact in his mobile no tomorrow. Thanks once again ..
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