Anyone using a subscription based "public" VPN service to access their GP Developer Console?


I used a private VPN (provided by my friend) to access my second GP account, however, I'm also paying for another "premium" VPN service, which is probably used by thousands of people. Luckily, they also have a VPN set up in my country via reputable ISP and since this is a very small country, I guess not many user connect through it.

Since I'd like to cut some costs and cancel my friend's VPN (every single $$$ is important), I wonder, if anyone here uses a subscription based public VPN to access their GP Console?

In my opinion, it should be safe for many reasons, but I wonder what's your experience?



  • I don't use any kind of VPN. I live in a city, got access to IPs/networks of friends and neighbours, got 2 netbooks 1 desktop and 1 laptop. These PCs access different account each, with different MAC address, different IP.
    If I reach to the point that I need extra accounts, eventually I will hit a limit. When it happens and I got no more PCs to use, I will create different Windows user in one of them, a MAC address changer, Firefox with fingerprint protection addons and IP from cafes.

    Sorry I am not of any help about the VPN though.
  • Thanks for the info, @anteos - appreciate it.
  • i think best for public vpn though i haven't use it. Only used HMA for few months  and it is best in my experience. 

    @hendrixs @anteos how many developer account you suggests to open. I have one developer account and 2 adsense/admob account (1 for youtube+personal blog and another 1 for google play). Is it best to open multiple developer account and publish small number of apps and cross promoting or 1 developer account with a bunch of apps. 

    I have only 1 app published and it generates a good number of revenue and never felt to open other account or apps. But I am thinking why not to increase my earning , when I can. But only things poking my mind , that greed may cause loss. I am little suspicious whether google can caught me if I publish some  wallpaper , ringtone , recipe app and drive traffic to my main app and also ad revenue from them. I will be surely use diffent ip address and computer. (I guess wallpaper app, ringtone app easily banned from playstore , My current app is also webview of different website , but I got the written MOU(memorandum of understanding) from those websites ) and I don't want to risk this app in any means.  Please suggest is there any chance big G will caught if I Cross promote and drive traffic to my main app from completely diffrent Google play account and apps.

    @hendrixs @anteos how many apps you have published and actively managing 

    Can you guide me - how much retention rate of wallpaper , ringtone app and what is the average rpm.  

  • There's no real need to open multiple GP accounts, unless you want to:
    • Categorize your apps.
    • Have a separate account in case the worst happens.
    In my opinion, it's best to put all your apps on one account and try to develop that account as much as possible (using social media profiles, a website, cross promoting apps, etc.).

    I have two personal GP accounts (the second is "just in case" account with a few apps on it) and three shared GP accounts (with the people I partnered up in the past).

    If you'll cross-promote your apps from different accounts, Google will have no trouble detecting you (once you make a connection via AdMob House Ads, you can never delete it). But, if one account gets banned, I'm not sure if the other would be banned as well. I've never seen anyone talk about this scenario.

    I have dozens of apps across various accounts. Retention rates for wallpapers and ringtones are generally very low (1/5 or even as low as 1/10). The eCPM will mostly be shaped by the market you have the strongest presence it. India and Brazil have super low eCPM, while Tier 2 and Tier 1 countries have 3-10x higher eCPM. You can't really affect that. Just stick to AdMob, Facebook and Amazon for the best possible earnings. Good alternatives are MobileCore and StartApp.

    I hope this helps.
  • @hendrixs thanks. will open another dev account very soon for "Just In Case" :P

    I recently used facebook ads for 1 week and it gives me excellent RPM ( >4.5$) but only problem is filling rate. Though total revenue almost equal to admob. However I removed FAN because of multiple blank page appearing.

    "once you make a connection via AdMob House Ads"   - Yes that's a good point . I will cross promote from my websites page.  I never believe Big G.  
    If @andromo gives us a option of adserver like Mopub in the list of adnetwork it will be helpful. 

    Thanks once again. 

  • @bappa86

    Just open a new account if you have suspicion the current one is in danger, if you want to upload apps that are risky and if you want to categorise.
    I have a very wide list of apps, some are now only in alternative markets ever since they got banned in GP.
    All I know for sure is an old GP account has more chances to create more downloads for its apps than a very fresh one. So you should probably make a new one and let it sit if you dont have an app for it yet.
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