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In order to fulfill the admob policy I really need to have the possibility to remove banner adds from podcast activity like I do in website activity. I think it would be easy and simple for you and would help us to improve our apps.

Thanks for your great work!


  • Anyone is having the same problem? Admob prohibits to have ads when showing third party content...
  • Admob prohibits ads when the page also has Adsense. That's why RSS has the option to disable Admob.
    As far as I know podcasts do not have Adsense. It is third-party content of course and there is always a risk with it.
    Maybe contact support and describe why you want this option.

  • Thanks for your answer anteos! If you have any podcast that is not yours you have problems with andromo, even if you have permission to use it...

    "Google ads may not be displayed on websites with content protected by copyright law unless they have the necessary legal rights to display or direct traffic to that content. Some examples of copyrighted content might include MP3 and video files, television shows, software, comics, and literary works.

    When a website displays someone else's website within a frame or window on their own site, this is considered framing content. Placing Google ads on such pages is strictly prohibited."

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