Developer Account is under Review

Hello everyone,

I received a very unsettling email that my developer account is under review. Here's what the email says:

Developer Support <>
7:27 AM (11 hours ago)

to me 
This is a notification that your Google Play Publisher Console will be disabled.

REASONS FOR TERMINATION: Multiple violations of our Content Policy and Developer
Distribution Agreement.

We kindly ask you to update your account informations following the link below:


As soon as you have completed the necessary update,will be pleased to consider your update.

Please is this from Google Play Support or not? Why the sending email not Google Play Support


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    I don't think it's from Google. Because they used this email address Not only that, your account is under review and terminated because multiple violation and all of a sudden they want you to update your information?

    Sounds pretty fishy to me.
  • Thanks @dragon2o99, the title said under review, first line said account will be disabled and second line said reasons for terminations. Hope it's not from Google. The email contain some links but i didn't clicked any of them yet. Do you think it's safe to click any?

    Thanks once again.
  • I wouldn't click on any of the links. In doubt, forward that email to Google's support team and inquire about it. Personally, I think they're trying to gain access to your developer account. 
  • Thanks @draggon2o99 will not click any of the links. How do i forward that email to the Google Support team? Should i use their email that they use to notify me ? Anyways don't you think this might trigger something? Provided the email is not from them how about forgetting about it?

    Thanks again!
  • Ignore the email. This is phishing.
    Anyways, you can always check where the links would take you without following them.
  • I got a similar email as well. Never click on links like that!
  • Hi Abdulnasir,

    Yeah, you can just ignore it too. Like anteos and hendrixs says.. They're just phishing to get access to your developer account. 
  • Thank you all @ anteos, hendrixs & dragon2o99, 

    I hovered on the update link but the destination url is not showing. How about right clicking and copying the url to clipboard then paste it in a notepad? Yeah just to see where they want to take me. Anyways whether doing this is safe or not i'll simply delete the email now. Thank you all for your responses. I really appreciated.

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