PDF Issue

Hello! I have a Pdf file in my Andromo Android app, and it won't open in Goodge PDF viewer, but will in Adobe PDF viewer. I notice on my emulator when testing the app and I try to open it, is says that the file requires Adobe PDF Viewer. How is that, and how can I fix this?


  • Maybe @lorne or @darryl can help with that.
  • even i have the same issue do anyone know the solution?

  • @steve_1
    Just contact the support with more information. You can find it at the top menu of main page of andromo, Help> Technical Support.
  • This is a known issue that we've logged for further investigation. It has been looked into in the past several times and thus far we have been unable to find a solution for opening the PDF file from the app's assets using an intent in the Google PDF Viewer.
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