Is the Developer Console eliminating installs information in July?

Hello everybody; I'm pretty sure about a couple of months or so, I saw a warning in the Developer Console saying that from July the installs data would no longer be available there, but only in Google Analytics (I wish I had taken a snapshot of that warning, because now it is nowhere to be found). But I've checked Google documentation and the web and they say nothing about a change of that kind. Has anybody heard anything about this? Is there going to be a change in July, or maybe I'm mistaken and read it wrong?


  • I saw it, too, and I guess they'll be migrating the Analytics and the stats from GP Dev Console to Firebase. However, the stats on Analytics will continue to work.
  • Thank you for your reply hendrixs. What a relief that someone else saw that announcement :)

    So could you please tell me if I got it right: from July, the place for an Andromo user to check his apps' installs is Analytics, right? Because Firebase, as far as I understand, is an add on that Android Studio developers put in their code, therefore something not applicable in Andromo, am I correct?

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    Firebase can't be implemented in the current version of Andromo, as it won't work with the old build that cannot happen until the material update. But we do plan to implement Firebase support, and to switch to that for analytics.

  • @lorne  please inform when your material update will be available ? we are all eagerly waiting for this features for a long time. please inform us
  • Please could someone confirm me if I have to move to check stats to Analytics in July?
  • I do not know when it will be done, but we are working very hard to get it done as soon as we can with the resources available to us.
  • @datamixer: I didn't check the forums for a few days, sorry about that. Until the MD update doesn't come out, nothing will change for us. We keep adding the Analytics ID's to our apps (if that will be still possible from Google's end) and check the stats via Analytics website.
  • As of today, the Analyze tab in AdMob doesn't work anymore. We need to use Analytics (or basic analysis in the GP Dev Console) from now on, until we get Firebase support.
  • Thank you for your reply, Hendrixs. Pardon my newbieness, what does MD stand for?
  • @datamixer: It stands for material design.
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