Is it possible to do a calculator like app?

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I'm trying to find an app builder that will allow me make an app that is similar to my online Home Heat Loss Calculator

This involves displaying a form with a couple dozen mostly numeric inputs, then doing some not to complex calculations based on these inputs, and then displaying results both numerically and as a graph.

At a first glance at the Andromo activities, I'm not seeing how this is possible with Andromo, but maybe I'm missing something?
I have some familiarity with Java and Javascript and I don't mind coding the calculation part myself as long as Andromo would cut down on all the tedious definitions for the input and output forms.

If Andromo won't do this kind of app, perhaps you know of an app builder that will?

Thanks -- Gary


  • Maybe Andromo would work if you used the HTML archive and you included whole HTML calculator project. But I am not sure if HTML is sufficient for a calculator app.
    Maybe contact their support.

  • I guess it could work, here's an example of a basic calculator, done in HTML5, CSS and JS.

    HTML5/CSS/JS or jQuery work fine in Andromo.
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