FAN VS ADMOB? Confused Here


Can anyone explain to me whats happening?

Im making good income when i was using only admob before, but now on my 2nd day integrating Facebook Audience Network, my income has decreased.
I dont know whats happening. Ive read threads here that a secondary ad network is good, but i dont really know. Is there a conflict between the 2? or should i wait few more days and observe?

Whats your suggestion guys?


  • Do you have both of them together or only FAN? Only GFAN means you are losing half of your impressions. Their fillrate is 52% for me.
    Do you have enough traffic? You cant judge a network by a mere 10k impressions.
  • Im using both admob and FAN, i only tried FAN 2days ago.. im making a decent $80-100 per day since lastweek.. 190,000-220,000 impression.. but since i added FAN my revenue dropped for the 1st time to $70.. i cant say that my downloads or any other factors are affecting this since im consistent, only thing i changed or added was FAN, and yes i do have actually 70% fill rate for the 1st day, 2nd  day 52%.. earned $10 on the 1st day, $6 on the 2nd..

    right now i decided to dump FAN unless someone can really explain whats happening and if i think its worth the try again..

    Thanks again anteos.. by the way we had a conversation here before about my account being suspended and removed but im back now and better than i was before.. took me 3months but i tripled the income i was earning when i started..

    thanks to you and hendrix
  • Good to hear about your new account and success! That's good news!
    About FAN I really think you should give it more days. But its up to you.
  • what ill do is try it out on my other accounts.. thanks for the advice :)
  • @megajmarketing: That's awesome to hear! From 0 to $100/day in three months is amazing!
  • @hendrixs.. yeah :) remember when i was shattered here since my account was suspended.. i just got back up again.. i know andromo works, i know im gonna make money out of this, what happened to me was an eye opener, an experience that made me way far better.. before i got suspended from my 3rd app suspension,  i knew at some point im gonna be banned anyway, i actually took a risk and made adjustments just to know if my idea would work and if it does i would shoot up like ive calculated it ( ddnt thought 3months) and it turned out to be huge..

    so for everyone here that had their accounts closed, dont give up, get a new account..

    thanks to you too @hendrixs.. soon when i hit my $250/day mark on the sept of 2016.. i will be more active here in the forums just to help anyone i can just like you guys.. thanks for inspiring me
  • @megajmarketing: It's definitely good to know that it's still possible to get such great results nowadays! Good luck!
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