receive mail - Upgrade your Android Google Mobile Ads SDK to ensure ads keep serving

Hi andromo,
can you kindly confirm whether admobs sdk is above 7.00 or not.  because after 15th September all older version admob sdk will be depreciated as per google email. 

Upgrade to Google Mobile Ads SDK, 7.0.0 or higher
AdMob by Google
Your Publisher ID: ca-app-pub-*********
AdMob is committed to providing you the most effective monetization solutions. As we innovate, it’s important that we leverage the latest technologies to bolster our platform. As part of this movement, we are deprecating versions 6.4.1 and lower of the Android Google Mobile Ads SDK on September 15th, 2016.
In order to ensure that your ads continue to serve after September 15th, 2016, please upgrade to Google Mobile Ads SDK 7.0.0 or higher.
The newer Google Mobile Ads SDKs have many more benefits for you:
  • Seamless auto-updates. Changes to the Google Mobile Ads SDK for Android get pushed seamlessly to users through Google Play services, so you can focus your time where it matters
    • You won’t need to spend time updating your apps with the latest versions of the ads SDK each time it changes
    • New features and bug fixes will also reach users through auto-updates
  • Better user experiences. Users will find it easier to manage updating their apps as some improvements will automatically be received in the background.
To upgrade your SDK, add the latest version of play-services (listed under dependencies) in your Gradle Build configuration file. For example, the following added v9.0:
apply plugin: ''
dependencies {
    compile ''
Stay tuned for more updates and tips.
The AdMob Team
Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043
You have received this mandatory email service announcement to update you about important changes to your AdMob account.


  • we will need this for sure,  believe most of andromo users depends on admob to earn.

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    Is current Admob implementation through play services above Ads SDK 7?
    If yes, can you please give us a rough estimate date when Andromo build engine was updated to be above 7?
    I am asking trying to see if we will have to rebuild and update few apps and how old would those apps be.
  • Hi,

    Yes, we're aware of the notification from AdMob and are looking into the issue to determine if any changes are required in Andromo. If changes are required, we'll publish an update before that point.

  • @darryl thanks ... But please update as soon as possible because all users need  to update our app otherwise no ads will be served for old version.

    and as far my old statistics . I see only 40 to 50% users  update during first month .. most of the users in India still use 2G connection and Internet charge not so cheap so they don't prefer to update frequently. 

    Please update ASAP
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    As far as I have searched online and read in forums, the Ads SDK 7.0 is the last version of direct jar sdk for admob. It was supposed to have been discontinued like a year ago. After it, there was Google Play services and that's how the sdk was embedded. The Gplay services started with ads sdk 7+.
    Andromo is using google play services so i am almost sure that we are not affected, but I guess there is a reason why Darryl wants to check into it to be sure.
  • @anteos: Yeah, I thought so as well. It should have not any effect on us, but it's cool, that @darryl will have a look into it.
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    It's still unclear exactly what will need to be done, but Darryl is investigating.

    AdMob has been part of Google Play Services since late 2013, however apps were also able to include a standalone AdMob library for when Google Play Services wasn't available on a device. That standalone library is being deprecated in September.

    On most devices, Google Play Services is installed and updated separately from apps, so the latest version should already be installed. However, apps still need to include a client library to make use of the services and to handle those other devices (just in case).

    The difficulty is including the latest Google Play Services library with the older build tools the online branch of Andromo is using. The complete library has grown very large, and including it in the current online version of Andromo would prevent most of your projects from building because it would push them over the 65k methods limit of the Android build tools.

    In our material design branch we can get around this by selectively compiling just the parts of Google Play Services we need, and since Darryl figured out how to get multi-dex working, we can also apply that if needed to get around the 65k methods limit.

    Unfortunately this is much trickier to solve in the current online version of Andromo because that branch can't make use of sub-library compilation, and multi-dex isn't available. So if it turns out we do need to use a newer Google Play Services library, we may need to build our own shrunk-down version of it with all the unnecessary parts ripped out. This should technically be possible, but it remains to be seen how difficult it would be.

  • @lorne Thanks for the detailed explanation.
    I had indeed read about the 65k methods problem, many people are experiencing it.
    So seems it is way more complicated than it seemed - good luck working with it!
  • @lorne: Thanks. That makes things more complicated, but I hope you can work it out.
  • anteos please help me i use google play service for admob ads
    google play service -> android:versionCode="5089000" android:versionName="5.0.89-000"
    i have to update?????how i can update google play service
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