Google Mobile Ads Lite SDK


Inside AdMob has published a new post about AdMob Lite SDK - it's available here:

Maybe it's something Andromo will find useful.


  • While it's a good idea, and useful for many, I don't think it's appropriate for Andromo given the following section of that article:

    "The Google Mobile Ads Lite SDK has the same capabilities as the standard
    SDK, but is specific for devices with Google Play Services. Developers
    publishing Android apps to an app store that is not the Google Play
    Store should use the standard SDK."
  • I saw that part, I just thought maybe you could add an option to build the app with "AdMob Lite SDK" or "AdMob Standard SDK". However, there are other, way more important things to work on, I'm sure (Firebase, material design, etc.).

    I've just mentioned it, because I remember reading, that a lot of people in Tier 3 countries (like India, for example) are still on metered or slow 2G connections, and they prefer smaller app sizes. Maybe it's an idea to revisit after other major updates are finished.
  • @hendrixs yes it would be great if we could make our app much lighter.. Most people use 2G connection even the so called 3G service not satisfactory.

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