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Como configurar o como cargar los datos de una radio online en la app andromo, probe todoas las funciones y lee los nombres de las canciones,pero no reproduce, gracias


  • Try to find the station in Shoutcast, these streams always show media information display as long as the station actually provides it. The second best option is Shoutcast Playlist URL, use your current URL with that option.
  • Hola gracias por la informacion, Pero No me funciono, he probado de Todos los Datos y Las Tres Posibilidades Que Hay , en shoutcast radio > Radio Tipe > Pay List
     SHOUTcast Radio> Radio Tipe> lista de reproducción de Shoutcast
     SHOUTcast Radio> Radio Tipe> Lista de pagosStream
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    Then you need to use this station without media information display.

    It's not very polite if you keep asking in a language that we do not understand. You could have at least Google Translated to English, like I did in order to be able to answer to you.
  • hola , buenas tardes intentare  explicar mejor y tambien de usar el traductor, quiero crear una app que transmita mi radio online, probe todas las alternativas posibles y solo logro ver el nombre de las canciones que estoy transmitiendo, pero el audio no, soy nuevo en esto y me es muy difici darme cuenta cual es el error, hay algun tutorial de como hacer lo que necesito, gracias

    hello, good will try afternoons explain better and also to use the translator, I want to create an app to forward my radio online, I try all possible alternatives and only managed to see the name of the songs I am transmitting, but the audio is not, I'm new this is very dificult and I realize what is wrong, there are some tutorial on how to do what I need, thanks
  • Is there chance the playlist is in AAC format? You seem to need an MP3 playlist, as far as I know.
  • hello, if true, transmit aacPlus, MP3'll try, I hope to work, thanks
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