Addons Detector (Ad Network Detector)

Hey guys,

you might find this tool useful:

You can check the ad networks used in your installed apps. I use Genymotion to test various apps and it's cool that you're able to see which ad networks are used by whom. FAN is extremely popular (it's available in Andromo, yey!) and used by most major publishers.

When making new apps, you can check on App Annie stats for competing apps to see which markets perform best for them. Then use the Addons Detector to see which ad networks are present in competing apps and use those in your app (if available in Andromo). There's a good chance that big companies already know what performs best and where.

Just a small tip for earning more money. :)


  • I had been using another app which could not detect the ad networks properly.
    I will try this one instead, thanks man!
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