Flurry Analytics

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I was wondering if you have thought on adding Flurry Analytics.

I understand that we already have one Analytics and that your hands are full with the material design update but let me give you some points:

1. It is extremely easy to add. 3 lines of code and you already get enough functionality. However, I would not know how exactly you would work with it.
2. I like their Real Time Stats - they update those even seconds after an interaction occurs. You can watch as your users interact with the app
3. Google Analytics is a product of the big Google. If one gets banned in Google Play, they should limit their use of other related Google platforms. As far as I am concerned, I never again used Google Analytics after I got banned.

Of course, this is not urgent. But it is something worth considering, right? :)


  • We've never really looked at Flurry Analytics, and as you know our hands are pretty full at the moment. However I've added your suggestion to our suggestions database for future consideration.
  • Another good alternative is Fabric / Crashlytics. It's a product from Twitter.
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