Chromebook support?

I received the following from Google Play today, and I'm curious about whether there are plans to implement their suggestions:

Hello Google Play Developer, 

At Google I/O 2016, we announced that Google Play would be launching on Chromebooks. As an Android developer, your apps will soon be compatible with Chromebooks. Here’s how you can improve the Chromebook experience for your Android apps:

Begin by reviewing the I/O session - “Bring your Android App to Chromebooks”

Read this Android Developers Help Center article to learn how to optimize your Android apps for Chromebooks. 

Update the AndroidManifest.xml and set touchscreen as not required if you want to reach customers on non-touchscreen Chromebooks.

Learn how to manage your app's compatible devices and more about Chrome OS Device Support for Apps.

No action is required, but we recommend the steps above to best position your app for the millions of potential customers using Chromebooks.


  • I received the email as well, and briefly looked over some of the information. While I can't say for certain, and don't have time at the moment to look at it in detail, from what I saw, I didn't see anything that would suggest Andromo apps wouldn't work on Chromebooks. The manifest entry regarding "set touchscreen" as "not required" is already present in Andromo apps.
  • Cool, thanks. The touchscreen setting was what I was mostly wondering about. I tried one of my apps in the Chrome browser using ARC Welder when it first came out, and it actually worked fine. I have a couple of Chromebooks that I'll test on when it's available.
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